SOS – Free Beaches on Lake Iseo Wanted

Brescia’s shore

  • Paratico’s free beach: in the locality Tengattini there is a floating platform in fine sand, with a couple of palm trees that characterise it. Reachable from the lakefront via a pier, it is nice for a dip, sunbathing or simply lying down waiting for the sunset.
  • The “spiaggetta” of Iseo: in via per Rovato; it has a free-entrance area, a paid-entrance area with sun loungers and deck chairs and a kiosk, where you can also meet for an aperitif, preferably during the week. Pets can’t enter the water and can only access the beach on a leash.
  • Sulzano’s free beach: small beach with stones and grass near the “Palafitte” in via Cesare Battisti. Entry into the water is progressive, therefore it is ideal for families. It is very popular also during the week among the locals and  those who like to dive from the small harbour. Nearby one can find the Darsena21 for a casual-chic aperitif!
  • Carini beach in Sulzano: in via Cesare Battisti 107, it is a small and very well sheltered beach. The entry into the water is not gradual and the use of special shoes is recommended. The close view of Monte Isola and the shadow of the poplars make the place satisfying and restful.
  • The Perla Sebina in Sale Marasino: in via Provinciale 12, it is a good option for families and groups of friends. There are a grass lawn and a pebble beach with sun loungers and parasols rental, a bar, toilets, showers and changing rooms and a beautiful tree-lined area. Here, dogs are not allowed to enter.
  • San Pietro beach in Sale Marasino: in via Roma 16, in the centre of the town, it has a complete view of Monte Isola’s eastern side. Reachable on foot from the car parks on the street side, it is pleasant both alone and in company.
  • The “spiaggetta” of Marone: also known as “the little Tahiti of the lake” for the clear reflections of the water, it is a small public beach behind the library, inserted in a landscape with a truly scenic panorama.
  • Lido Mad Hops in Marone: in via Cristini 16, it consists of a beach with a cafe, sun loungers and deck chairs rental, particularly attractive and pleasant for longer stays. The possibility of renting canoes and sup expands the leisure offer.
  • The Baia del Sol in Marone: located in the hamlet of Vello near the Vello-Toline cycle-pedestrian path, it has a lakeside terrace with a solarium on a lawn, ideal for a stop before or after cycling. Moreover, there is a well-supplied cafe.
  • The Darsena 3.0: in Pizzone di Pisogne, it is a well-organised grass beach with deckchairs, sun beds and umbrellas. The cafe allows you to take pleasant breaks by the lake and have an aperitif, preferably at sunset! Pets can enter on a leash, but there is also a dedicated dog area where they can run freely.


Bergamo’s shore

  • Lido Cadè Holiday: the beach is located in Sarnico, in via Predore 14 and offers a kiosk cafe with deckchair rental, shower services and paid parking space; the well-kept lawn and the tree-lined area in front make it particularly pleasant and relaxing; finally, there is La Pagoda di Eolo restaurant, a good opportunity to enjoy a lunch break by the lake with tables outside and a nice view from inside as well.
  • Lido Fontanì: always in Sarnico in via Vittorio Veneto 58, it is open only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. With its beautiful lawn and its brand new wooden ladder for a gradual access to the lake, it is a good option both for families and for people who’d like to spend a day on the lake independently and with simplicity.
  • Predore’s free beaches: really small, they are made of two strips of land and stones along the coastal road: one is located near Molo31 – Porto Campitino area in via Sarnico – and the other one near the Easy bar, in Via San Rocco 2. Suitable for those who prefer secluded and less frequented beaches, they are in any case close to refreshment facilities for a lunch at the table or take-away.
  • The Bogn Bay in Riva di Solto: near the Orrido, along the old coastal road, it is the most photographed beach due to its particular position and suggestive natural environment. It is characterised by crystal clear waters, lush vegetation and the spectacular nature of the rocks overlooking the water. It is a daily destination for numerous boats and swimmers with canoes or sup, who take a break from sports activities; because by the beauty, it is necessary to organise yourself!


Article by Elisa Metelli