A tourist resort since the second half of the nineteenth century located at about 850 meters above s As the name clearly indicates, the origin of the village of Castro dates back to the Roman period. T It is located in a position that could be defined as “strategic” between the beginning of Valcam Anyone going up to Fonteno, the highest village on the “Hill”, can only admire and be mo Capital of the lake, a lively commercial and touristic town, Iseo has kept the ancient medieval vill One of the “Most beautiful villages in Italy”, Lovere was described by the English write Halfway between Iseo and Pisogne, lies on the lake the town of Marone. Known in the nineteenth centu A mountain in the middle of the lake, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Monte Paratico overlooks the south-west shore of the lake. A characteristic border bridge separates it and At 750 m a.s.l., Parzanica is a natural terrace overlooking the lake and Monte Isola. Connected to t The last municipality north of the eastern shore, Pisogne is where lake and mountain meet. The chara Predore means construction sites and crags, but also trails and beaches, restaurants and trendy plac Riva di Solto is peace, beauty and romance. The small medieval hamlet, with its ancient palaces, sec Located north of Lake Iseo, in a strategic position at the entrance to Val Camonica, Rogno represent Sale Marasino, thanks to its optimal position, was chosen as a summer residence by many nobles from Nestled between Lake Iseo and Val Calepio, Sarnico is located on the south-western border of the lak Located in a panoramic position behind Riva di Solto, Solto Collina is a small medieval hamlet datin Sovere is a small town made up of two villages located along the banks of the Borlezza stream, Borgo Bordering Pilzone di Iseo, a picturesque gulf formed by the beautiful peninsula of Montecolo accommo On the western coastal road, ten minutes by car from Sarnico, after a couple of tunnels alternating A quiet village on a hill overlooking the western shore of the lake, right in front of Monte Isola, ” The erosion pyramids town”, located at about seven hundred meters above sea level at t

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