2° stretch: Tassano – Dosso

Once left Tassano, you will turn into the trail that runs by the ex-SS 510 on the left, before the underpass where, at last, the asphalt becomes a dirt road. The way penetrates into small vineyards and large olive groves that command a view over the Sebino area. From here go down to a cool valley following old tracks up to a little solid Roman bridge under which a stream named Mesagolo flows. After crossing the bridge, you will climb on mule tracks in order to enter the ancient village of Maspiano made of narrow cobbled lanes and old main gates burnt by the sun. Suddenly, you will arrive in a square in which stands a church dedicated to St James that dates back to the XV century. In front of it there is a big fountain with three jets offirsh water, which is a perfect excuse for having a rest (h. 0,25). In this square our trail crosses with the road which takes to St. Maria del Giogo, on the border zone with Valtrompia. Further on, you will find and follow for a few metres the cobbled road going round the last part of the village; then, you will climb again toward it, but without entering it. After going beyond several rows of vines (Vitis vinifera) english walnut trees (Juglans regia) and some fields, you will come to Gandizzano, marked out by the Church of St Mary which dates back to the XV century and has been renovated more than once. Then, the path slightly goes downhill to cross Saletto, a stream which flows in the homonymous valley. After passing beyond the scattered houses of Gavone, you will enter Marasino walking through the old village centre and passing by the Parish of St Antony. Keeping on walking behind the recent buildings of Conche, a hamlet of Marasino, you will cross the Vigolo stream that has its source just under Punta Almana, a mountain that overlooks and marks out a vast portion of Sebino Bresciano and anticipates the arrivai at Distone. You will follow the way that goes along the right shore of the stream for one hundred metres about, till you turn down the road surrounded by olive trees, perceiving the Parish of Sale Marasino in the background. You will keep on walking by olive groves and houses, till you notice another stream that comes down from Monte Caprello whose name is Tufo. After crossing a little bridge made of stone next to a fountain and climbingfor a while, you will come across Dosso situated in a panoramic positionjustbehind Sale Marasino (h. 1,30).

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