3° stretch: Dosso – Colpiano

One of the most beautiful and charming stretches of the Ancient Road starts just from here. After some ups and downs, you will leave the dose houses by taking a mule track getting steeper and steeper Here the houses, once rural dwellings, are rare. After 20 minutes about you will come across a path which connects Distone to Massenzano, joining the coast road near a village called “Motta”. You will follow it for a few metres toward the upper lake up to the houses of Rango, after which you will take a lane downhill. Beyond the houses of Piaser you will experience a journey through time by walking through the ancient rural village ofMassenzano (h. 0,30) built on a solid dolomitic base and made of close wood and stone houses, joined together by little cobbled lanes. A short slope along the asphalt of Via Matteotti up to the first hairpin and, then, the Ancient Road continues by dry-stone walls which support old terracings. Here are the well-known olive groves that mark this portion of lake out and hold an important cole in the local economy. In this area well protected against the cold north winds even some specimen of indian fig (Opuntia ficus indica) grow up, which testifi to the influente of the Mediterranean climate.

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