4° stretch: Colpiano – Zone

You will start climbing to Zone from Colpiano, turning into a way that seems to take directly to the top of the rocky Punta Cunicolo, walking through new environments different from the previous ones as less influenced by the microclimate. You will keep on covering the path that takes to Zone walking beside little stone walls and passing through an odd bottleneck into the rock. With the last houses the slope (that remains on the hydrographical left of the valley) becomes steeper After coming across a pair of old cottages, you enter again the road that takes to Zone near a cableway that conveys the dolomite mined by the Calarusso quarry on Monte Pura before being taken to Marone plants for its working. After a few metres down on the asphalt, you will keep on walking along a cobbled mule track, passing through a lot of hazels (Corylus avellana) and some sweet chestnuts (Castanea sativa) which have taken the piace of the olive trees of the previous leg in consequence of the changing of the climate. Suddenly, the “pyramids”, the big “earth mushrooms” appear: they testifi to the crossing of the Oglio glacier during the Wiirmian glaciation, the last one. The glacier penetrated into Val Bagnadore with a lateral lobe creating a bound and fostering a morainic deposit made of fine materials as sand silt and clay, as well as of rough materials as rocks and cobbles. The erosive action of the rain over the morainic deposit isolated bit by bit some big rocky boulders. They exerted a protettive action on the material below as if they were umbrellas, managing to model earth columns: the pyramids themselves. When their cap falls down the pyramid quickly crumbles.
The Ancient Road continues offering an enchanting view of the Regional Nature Reserve (since 1984) and passes through the hamlet of Cislano, where stands St George Church dating back to the XV century which shows internai and external frescoes.
In the surroundings you can find: an area where to rest, the beginning of the circular route to the pyramids, a tourist centre and a large parking. The route covers an asphalted road for several hundred metres and then it turns on the left downhill among the fields. At this point you are supposed to pay attention to the traces of the path, since they are not evident, not to get lost. You will go down to the valley floor to the stream bed and you will follow its course for a while before crossing it on a little wooden bridge. A mule track climbs up on the other side, keeping the farmstead of Marse on the left.
After several fields you will be able to see Zone and Val Vandul: go through the road that takes to the hamlet of Cusato. Once gone beyond it, you will start entering Val Rinat where a stream flows. Cross it and you will be soon among the rocky houses of Zone (h. 1,50).

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