6° stretch: San Bartolomeo – Pisogne

The long descent from the fountain at the hairpin continues down to Pisogne. After a pair of rural buildings, keeping on walking through fields and well-kept meadows, you will enter again a wood, going diagonally downhill. The Ancient Road becomes a trail crossed by several rills. This area up to Govine is especially rich in hellebores (Helleborus niger), also called Christmas rose (“bucaneve” in Italian). One should visit this piace only to be able to experience this wide florescence. The trail changes again into a mule track as it joins another lane that takes to “Dosso delle Sane” (h. 0,40).
Walking down a bit, you will come across St Defendente Chapel where the mule track has been asphalted. With the first houses of Govine you will notice a modest waterfall flowing first into the bed of a stream and then, after crossing the village, down into the lake. Keep on walking along the left side of the stream. Get across the bridge: in the surroundings you will find an iron wheel once set in motion by water Enter the village of Govine through a bottleneck: a pedestrian crossing will lead you to the Church of Natività di Maria, (XVI century). Once crossed the stream Tobiolo, go straight to the historical centre ofPisogne passing through a vault in via Mercanti. You will be soon in a square called “Vescovo Corna Pellegrini” from where it is possible to admire the Parish Church in the mountains direction and the tower bell toward the lake. You will enter Via Antica Valeriana and, after leaving the centre of the village, you will arrive at the Church of S. Maria della Neve with frescoes by Romanino. This beautiful church could be both the arrivai of your journey and the starting point for a new magical trip along the Ancient Valeriana Road (h. 1,10).

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