Altopiano di Bossico trail

Lovere is the splendid starting starting point of this exciting mtb trail.

Park in Piazzale Bonomelli, then head out towards the church of San Giorgio and continue left along via D. Celeri. After a short journey surrounded by chestnut trees, you will reach the hamlet of Davine where, near a votive chapel, there is a junction that branches off leading to the hamlet of Carassone. The trail that is partly uphill and partly flat and reaches the Sanctuary of San Giovanni (built on the ruins of a medieval fortress), from which you have a breathtaking view of Lake Iseo, Val Cavallina, Vallecamonica as far as the foothills of Adamello. On returning to the junction, take the other trail and turn left in the direction of Bossico, a natural balcony overlooking Lake Iseo. After reaching the paved road, turn right and continue as far as the junction with Santella “Madonnina degli Stéegn”. Now take the road downhill and turn left after about 50 metres. Cross the meadows dotted with farmhouses and beautiful chestnut trees, until you reach the historic Villa Pincio. After a short initial climb, the road becomes easier and continues for about one km of cobbled paving before turning into a path that passes through the woods and reaches Ceratello. Take a moment to admire the ancient houses with wooden balconies and old arched doors that characterize this village. Go through the old town, and follow the provincial road that descends to Lovere through the boroughs of Flaccanico, Qualino, Branico and Corti whilst enjoying panoramic views of outstanding beauty. Turn right at the Corti cemetery towards Lovere and go along Via Aria and Via Gobetti as far as the 14th century Basilica di Santa Maria in Valvendra. Continue straight along Via Martinoli to reach the starting point.

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