Natura del Sebino trail by MTB

Park in Riva di Solto, a few meters away from the “Trentapassi” campsite, along the Provincial Road 77, and take the old mule track that leads to the village of Xino di Fonteno. Here the CM1 signposts lead to another cobbled mule track that crosses the main road towards Fonteno. On arrival in the village square, take the first right and go up the hill towards the town hall. Then leave the asphalted road and bear right onto a white sand road that remains flat for a fairly long stretch and then descends to the village of Solto Collina. Go through the entire historical centre until Piazza Canzanico. Now bear left along the narrow passage, take via dell’Orsolino and continue towards Val Doia along the dirt path from the hamlet of “Canta l’Oc”. After crossing a small valley you’ll find yourself back on the provincial road and very shortly, in the small borough of Esmate. Walking along Via Monte Clemo you get to the hamlet of Cerrete. Once you reach the oratory of S. Rocco, turn right and follow the path that goes uphill as far as S. Defendente; don’t miss stopping here to enjoy the marvels of the captivating landscape, with scenic views of the entire area of Lake Iseo and Montisola. Now ride downhill towards Solto Collina and bear left along a dirt road until you reach the asphalted public road. Keep to the left for about twenty meters and then bear right to reach the small hamlet of Furmignano. Walk downhill, near a greenhouse, and take the left path towards the hamlet of Apostoli. At the junction, turn left and follow the asphalted road; after about five hundred metres, near the aqueduct, turn left to enter in a small forest that leads to the hamlet of Zorzino in Riva di Solto and in a few minutes to the starting point of the route.

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