San Giovanni delle Formiche trail

Once we’ve left our car in the town of Villongo near the church theatre, we go along the provincial road to Credaro. At the second traffic lights of the town, we turn left into Via San Francesco d’Assisi. We follow the directions for Capriolo and then turn right, slightly downhill, into Via Luigi Cadorna. On our left there’s the church of Saint Fermo. At the bottom and after the bottleneck, at the stop sign we keep to our right towards Castelli di Calepio. The languid river Oglio accompanies us on our left for about 500 metres then we turn right going uphill (in front of us the Castello di Trebecco). At the stop sign on our left, along the main road we reach Grumello del Monte, where, at the Parish, we turn right into Via Aldo Moro, following the directions for Gandosso. Here we find the first real slope. On our right, just after a couple of hundred metres, we see Castello Gonzaga. The road leading to the church of Saint Pantaleone is slightly downhill and so we can breathe more easily. We go uphill again, then turn left at the junction and enter the town of Gandosso. The road is level and we can catch our breath again and admire the view of the lake on our right. At the stop sign, we go straight ahead towards the Parco del Pitone. Arriving at the Park, we go slightly downhill, following the directions for the trail 701 (3km on a narrow trail where we must be careful) that takes us to San Giovanni delle Formiche. From there it’s all downhill, passing through Foresto Sparso, to Villongo where we started off.

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