Corna delle Capre

This recently built iron path climbs the rocky ridge to the Corna delle Capre in the Monte Guglielmo massif. It’s very vertical, pleasant and climbable in long stretches.


Starting location (from

Once in Marone, take the road towards Zone – “Croce di Marone” area. Near a camper area you’ll see the first indication for the via ferrata.


Evaluation of the itinerary (from
– technical difficulties: 3/5
– environmental difficulties: 2/5
– exposure: 4/5
– physical commitment: 3/5


Path details (from
– itinerary: 2:30 h
– route height difference: 400m
– iron path: 1:00 h
– iron path gap: 280 m
– max altitude: 1333 m
– length: 2.5 Km



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