Cuor di Lert

Cuor di Lert is a heart-shaped hard goat cheese that has a small size of about 500 grams. It tastes the same as a seasoned cheese, but given its small size it gets a delicious aroma and the right seasoning in less time.

The technology used for the production of fresh goat cheese is quite simple. After milking, the milk is left to cool down to a temperature of 18-20 ° C. A small amount of rennet is added to it in order to allow the curd to form in about 24 hours. The clot that forms tends to settle on the bottom of the container; the whey that covers it is straw green in color. Using a ladle, the clot is extracted and poured into special molds, usually made of plastic and with a diameter of about 5 cm. If larger quantities of rennet are used, coagulation times are shortened and a thicker curd is formed which must be crushed before extraction. The molds are placed for 24 hours in an environment with a temperature of 20 ° so that the curd loses further whey and acquires the ideal consistency. During this phase, more turns are carried out. Goat cheese can be eaten with or without the addition of salt.


Cuor di Lert can be bought at the Azienda Agricola Lert in Marone.

Iniziativa realizzata nell’ambito del bando Wonderfood & Wine di Regione Lombardia e Unioncamere Lombardia per la promozione di Sapore inLOMBARDIA

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