10 balconies on Lake Iseo

Are you looking for a nearby destination for a trekking day with friends or family? Here it is!

Discover with us the peaks around Lake Iseo, ideal during the winter.

Routes doable in daylight hours, interesting and training height differences, well-signposted paths, but above all…unforgettable panoramic balconies. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Monte Cognolo - La Balota del Coren (611 m)

The Balota del Coren is a rocky pinnacle on which stands the panoramic Croce di Iseo. Despite its low altitude (611 m), it is one of Lake Iseo’s most popular breathtaking balconies.

A pleasant climb that can be done all year round, particularly popular on clear, sunny winter days and incomparable on summer evenings at sunset.

Having passed the initial tarmac part, the itinerary develops first on a mule track and then on a path, which, with long, stepped stretches, is steep and training. You are rewarded with an overhanging view of the town of Iseo, the lake, the peat bogs and the Torbiere. On the way, a stop at the terrace of the Chiesetta della Madonna del Corno (Provaglio d’Iseo, 427 m) is a must.

Height difference: 425 m
Time of ascent: 1.15 h
Difficulty: E

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Santa Maria del Giogo (940 m)

Santa Maria del Giogo is the privileged point from which you can admire Sulzano and Monte Isola from above, but also the perfect place to have a panoramic “spiedo” (a typical local meal) at the end of the walk. Reservation is strongly recommended. At 940 m above sea level, it is a destination suitable for all seasons. It can be reached from the centre of Sulzano (red route), following the direction of Nistisino, or from Zoadello di Polaveno, passing through the beautiful Ai Colmi area.

The itinerary winds its way through woods and alpine pastures and offers continuous and surprising photo opportunities. On the summit, there are a trattoria and a little church of the same name.

Fun fact: Santa Maria del Giogo was Christo’s favourite viewpoint to admire his work “The Floating Piers”.

Height difference from Sulzano: 750 m
Time of ascent: 2.30 h
Difficulty: E

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Punta Almana (1390 m)

Punta Almana is a natural and spectacular amphitheatre above Lake Iseo and the ideal place on a clear winter’s day to admire wide horizons as far as the Apennines.

The usual itinerary is a loop route, where both ascent and descent require some training and attention. There is also an equipped variant for experienced hikers. The ridge section is very impressive and scenic: a beautiful ridge of mountains dividing Lake Iseo from the Trompia Valley.
In short, the climb is tough but well worth it.

Fun fact: the Forcella locality, along the route, is one of the most popular launching points for paragliders.

Height difference in ascent: 834 m
Ascent time: 2.30 h
Difficulty: E

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Trentapassi (1244 m)

The Trentapassi is an itinerary with a spectacular destination, allowing you to admire the whole of Lake Iseo, the Camonica Valley and the Pre-Alps.

There are three routes to reach the summit. A via ferrata from Toline di Pisogne, simple but not trivial, preceded by a rather long approach path; a via direct from Vello, known as ‘La Vertical’, because it concentrates a difference of a thousand metres of altitude in one kilometre; and the quieter and more popular normal route from the hamlet of Cusato di Zone. The choice is yours!

Fun fact: The Trentapassi, due to its verticality and position overlooking the lake, is the most Instagrammed destination on Lake Iseo and has been called the mountain of young people.

Height difference from Zone: 521 m
Time of ascent: 1.30 h
Difficulty: E

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Monte Vignole (1095 m)

Monte Vignole is a very beautiful peak due to its panoramic position and elevation, and enjoyable on the ridge sections.

Chosen by some as an alternative itinerary for the ascent to Trentapassi, the ascent to Monte Vignole is definitely one of the most beautiful trails in the Zone (CAI trail no. 229). Challenging from the start, it consumes the entire height difference in an hour, reaching the summit where the cross is located. But the walk is not over.

Now comes the best part, because, after the initial effort, you can enjoy the panorama along the rest of the route in a relaxed manner. At a certain point, at a crossroads of paths, those who wish can proceed towards the Trentapassi, otherwise, you return to Zone along the trail 229A.

Height difference in ascent from Cusato: 378 m
Ascent time: 1.15 h
Difficulty: EE

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Monte Guglielmo (1948 m)

Monte Guglielmo, the Queen of the peaks of Lake Iseo, holds a special place in the hearts of the people from Brescia.

The main paths to Monte Guglielmo from the lake start from Zone, Marone and Pisogne. The first is the longest and has as its starting point the ‘Bosco degli Gnomi’ (Gnome Wood); the second is the easiest and most usual and starts from the ‘Croce di Marone’ locality; the third perhaps has the most beautiful scenery and starts from the ‘Passabocche’ locality in Val Palot. Whichever route you decide to take, the destination is always the Redentore monument from which, on a clear day, you can see as far as the Apennines.

Fun fact: The Redentore was to be one of 20 monuments to the Redeemer erected on as many Italian peaks. In reality, the project was not completed, only a few were built.

  • Height difference from Zone: 1220 m – Ascent time: 3.45 h – Difficulty: E
  • Height difference from Croce di Marone: 750 m – Ascent time: 2.30 h – Difficulty: E
  • Height difference from Passabocche: 650 m – Time: 2.00 h – Difficulty: E

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Monte Alto (1721 m)

Monte Alto presents itself as an excellent panoramic balcony over Lake Iseo, the Orobie bergamasche and the Adamello group. The ascent to this peak is not difficult and offers splendid views, including the Presolana bastion.

As with other peaks, the access routes to Monte Alto are different. Normally, for those ascending from the lake, the departure point is from Ceratello, a hamlet of Costa Volpino, indicated by marker 551 for the Magnolini Refuge (1910 m). From the hut, turn right and follow the slope until reaching the destination.

The name ‘Monte Alto’ does not so much indicate its height, which is 1723 metres, but emphasises its importance as an observation point for the surrounding area. The hike offers crazy views, both along the route and at the summit.

Height difference in ascent from Costa Volpino: 970 m
Time of ascent: 3.00
Difficulty: E

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Monte Colombina (1458 m)

Monte Colombina is a mountain that is always kissed by the sun, dominating the Bossico plateau. Its summit offers an unusual perspective of Lake Iseo, seen from the northwest.

A relatively simple route starts just outside Bossico. It mainly runs through the woods, except for the last stretch, which is a little steep, up the panettone (meaning its shape) and reaches the summit. There you will find a cross as high as 8.5 metres and a 360-degree view, which captures the lake as far as Monte Isola, Adamello, Presolana and the Orobic valleys. Crazy!

Fun Fact: along the way, it is worth making a stop at “L’Angolo della Meditazione” (Meditation Corner), a quiet place where you can relax in one of the hammocks available in the woods.

Height difference in ascent from Bossico: 500 m
Ascent time: 1.30 h
Difficulty: E

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S. Defendente (674 m)

San Defendente is a small mountain church overlooking the lake. A privileged place to admire Lake Iseo, dominated on the opposite side by the Corna Trentapassi.

The most convenient and fastest way to reach San Defendente is to start from Esmate, a hamlet of Solto Collina, and follow the CAI path no. 565, reaching the destination in about 40 minutes. However, the most beautiful itinerary begins at Cappella del Colet in Castro and corresponds for the most part to the Sentiero Agrituristico del Lago d’Iseo, in the direction of Sarnico, which has one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the lake. Since beauty must be conquered, the last stretch is a steep climb (CAI path 565C), but the final part is worth the effort. You can take path 565B down the valley past the little church for the descent.

Height difference in ascent from Castro: 405 m
Ascent time: 1.30 h
Difficulty: E

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Monte Bronzone (1334 m)

Monte Bronzone at 1334 m is known as the ‘hat on the lake’. On its summit, there is a cross to which a large bell dedicated to Pope John XXIII is attached, which is customary to ring when you reach your destination.

It is possible to climb Monte Bronzone directly from the western shore of Lake Iseo. Between Sarnico and Predore there are a couple of paths that offer an altitude difference of 1,100 metres. There are no huts along the route, so it is advisable to pack water and provisions.
However, the most comfortable and usual path starts from Viadanica and has an altitude difference of 750 metres.
Alternatively, you can climb from Vigolo, passing by the Gombo Alto hut.

Whatever the starting point, once at the top, the reward is the same for everyone. And the view sweeps undisturbed in the round towards the lake, Monte Isola, the San Fermo Hills, the Orobic Pre-Alps, the Camonica Valley, Val Cavallina, the Po Valley and the Apennines.
For those descending to Viadanica and Sarnico, we recommend a small diversion to Croce di Predore, or Corno Buco, a splendid terrace overlooking the lower lake and peat bogs.

  • Height difference in ascent from Sarnico: 1,100 m – Time required: 3.30 h – Difficulty: EE
  • Height difference from Viadanica: 750 m – Time required: 2.30 h – Difficulty: E
  • Height difference from Vigolo: 578 m – Time of ascent: 2.00 h – Difficulty: E

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