Sovere is a small town made up of two villages located along the banks of the Borlezza stream, Borgo San Gregorio and Borgo San Martino, and the historic centers of Sellere and Piazza di Sovere. The two villages develop vertically, starting from a bridge that unites them.
For art lovers, Sovere offers a wide choice of palaces and churches to visit.

Palaces of Borgo San Gregorio – There are three palaces to be admired in the hamlet of San Gregorio. Palazzo Venturi, example of Baroque style and national monument since 1973; Palazzo Bottaini, which is owned by the municipality of Sovere and houses the municipal library and numerous other cultural activities; and finally Palazzo Zitti, located opposite the Bottaini one and probably built in the 16th century.
Palaces of Borgo San Martino – In San Martino we find Palazzo Baroni, in Pompeian style; Palazzo Longhini, built in the 1600s and known for the presence of a wonderful roof garden; and Palazzo Silvestri, also from the 1600s and hosting the middle schools of Sovere.
Church of San Martino – Located in the homonymous village, it has numerous noteworthy works, such as the neoclassical High Altar and the Altarpiece of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Moroni.
Cappella del Carmine – It is located in the village of Piazza di Sovere, along the provincial road towards Clusone. It is another admirable example of neoclassical architecture.

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Torre – It is considered one of the oldest, as well as the most beautiful, in the diocese of Bergamo and is located on the slopes of Monte Cornalunga, overlooking the entire town of Sovere. It is thought that its building was commissioned by Charlemagne. It is a sanctuary with three naves resulting from several extensions of the original nucleus over the years. The known works inside are many: the High Altar and the pulpit made by the Fantoni, the Annunciation by Cavagna, the paintings in the apse by Carpinoni, and much more, so much so that we speak of the sanctuary as a real own art gallery.

Malga Lunga – It is located in Monte di Sovere at an altitude of 1235 metres. The name has a double origin: the building was once a mountain pasture, hence the name “Malga”, to which “Lunga” was later added due to the long portico used as a shelter for the livestock.
Today the malga is excellent for breaks and picnics, but not only: in fact, in addition to a refuge, there is also a museum, considered one of the “symbols of the Bergamo resistance”; inside there are testimonies of the partisan struggle. The paths to get there are numerous, they start from Sovere, Gandino, Endine, while to reach the place by car it is necessary to start from the Seriana Valley.
Park of the fossil lakes of Sovere – The park is known internationally as one of the most important sites for the reconstruction of the history of the alpine environment.
In addition to the only complete specimen of fossil deer of a species that has been extinct for a few hundred thousand years, excavations in the park have made it possible to recover another 1500 paleontological finds.

By bus – Sovere is served by the Bergamo Trasporti company, lines C40bcd, C40e, and L. Info and timetable: Bergamo Trasporti.

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