A Romantic Short Break

Do you want to celebrate a special occasion or surprise your partner? Get out of the daily routine and organize a romantic weekend in Italy, on Lake Iseo and in Franciacorta.

Mild climate, gentle hills dotted with olive trees and vineyards, the best of Italian bubbly, a mouth-watering gastronomic selection. Moreover, the largest inhabited lake island in Europe and a dip into past art and millenary history of the cities of Bergamo and Brescia.

What are you waiting for? Start packing: an unforgettable weekend awaits you!

Here are some useful tips and information for your romantic getaway.


An afternoon of cuddles and relaxation

Let yourself be enveloped in a cloud of fragrant essential oils and indulgent relaxation.
Close your eyes and imagine regenerating massages, saunas, hammam baths, even whirlpools…
The soft lights and the warmth of the candles will welcome you. Immerse yourself in a relaxing and calming atmosphere that readies the spirit for ritual massages. A true gift to regenerate exhausted bodies and relive tension and stress.


Visit one of Italy’s most beautiful villages

The stunning Monte Isola mountain-island in the middle of the lake is home to some of the most beautiful village sceneries in Italy. With a perimeter of only nine kilometres, it can be visited in half a day. There are twelve typical villages, some in the hills and others on the lake shore, characterized by narrow streets and stone houses. They are all connected to each other and to the lake. To the south and north, standing guard as sentinels, you can see two small islands, San Paolo and Loreto. The latter can be visited only once a year, during the final concert of the Onde Musicali Festival.


A toast in Franciacorta!

Franciacorta, since times long gone has been devoted to viticulture thanks to its perfect conditions. Today it is one of the most popular Italian destinations for wine tourists. Overlooking the southern shores of Lake Iseo, it is the land of the precious Franciacorta, the finest of Italian wines refermented in the bottle with the Classic Method, to which it gives its name. Wineries, vineyards, ancient villages and castles, charming hotels and welcoming farmhouses, refined restaurants and rustic trattorias welcome visitors to an area that is to be discovered and savoured.



A candlelit dinner

Soft lights, background music, excellent food and two glasses of Franciacorta to toast the person you love. These are the perfect ingredients for your candlelit dinner.
Choose an intimate and welcoming proposal for a truly special night. Imagine yourself directly on the lake shore in a secluded, almost reserved spot, enjoying your dinner while admiring the enchanting lakeside atmosphere.


Bergamo: The charisma and charm of an oldtown on a hill

Bergamo is history, culture, music and landscape all rolled into one. Its medieval heart sits on a protective hill, surrounded by the imposing Venetian walls of the Upper Town, a UNESCO heritage site. At the centre is Piazza Vecchia, overlooked by the Palazzo della Ragione, the Campanone and the Palazzo del Podestà.
We suggest you to catch the characteristic cable car that climbs up to the Castle of San Vigilio, which dominates the plain and holds a thousand and one treasures.


Brescia: the City of the Mille Miglia

City of the Mille Miglia, Brescia is the site of a rich heritage that ranges from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, including the largest Roman archaeological area in Northern Italy and The Longobards (Places of Power, 568 – 774 A.D), now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Make sure not to miss the Capitoline Temple, the city museum of Santa Giulia and the Tosio Martinengo art gallery. And try the trendiest aperitif of all: Pirlo. Even the New York Times is speaking about Brescia and “pirlomania”.


A romantic short break on Lake Iseo

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