On the way between Art and Spirituality

Two routes to take, two experiences to live: in the Orobic heart of Lombardy and from Brescia to Bergamo or vice versa.


Alta Via delle Grazie

271 km of walking from Bergamo to the most suggestive places in the Val Seriana and Alto Sebino. Among sanctuaries, churches, paths, nature, art, cuisine and hospitality in the magnificent natural theatre of the Serio River.

The route is enriched by 18 Marian shrines, each with a unique story and a spiritual message to discover. It is a loop tour that touches the city of Bergamo, the Seriana Valley, and Upper Lake Iseo.

The itinerary is divided into 13 stages to be covered in 13 days, according to one’s needs and pace.

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La Via delle Sorelle

The Via delle Sorelle is a 130-kilometre-long bi-directional path connecting Bergamo and Brescia, passing through more than 30 municipalities. The path, which mainly runs along the hilly part of the two provinces, is intended to be a green artery that leads to the discovery of lesser-known places. A route of nature and culture, showing a new face of the two cities and their respective provinces, among ancient routes, itineraries, traditions, and products of the territories.

The Via delle Sorelle is designed for those with a week to spend slowly. It is an itinerary divided into 6 stages, but modulable according to each walker’s time and degree of training.

Pictures by Alta Via delle Grazie & La Via delle Sorelle

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