Walking in the footsteps of history

It's time to emerge from the winter hibernation and...walk! As a famous Chinese proverb says, "Every long journey begins with a single step." The important thing is to take that step! So...

Ready, set, go!

Take a breath and get ready to walk two legendary paths in an enthralling mix of history, nature, and culture.


Il Cammino di Carlo Magno

The Charlemagne Trail takes its name from a 15th-century legend about the passage of the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The fascinating itinerary starts in Bergamo, skirts Upper Lake Iseo, crosses the Camonica Valley and ends in Carisolo, Val Rendena.

Spanning approximately 230 kilometers divided into 12 stages, this route, of moderate difficulty, ascends and descends through hills, and traverses ancient villages, rivers, and valleys, following in the footsteps of Charlemagne. Though the history is shrouded in legend, this trail presents a unique opportunity for history and mountain enthusiasts to embark on a captivating journey through the iconic landscapes of Northern Italy.

The route is a true tour through the history and art of the Camonica Valley, where every step is a journey through time. From prehistoric rock carvings (the first Italian UNESCO site) to the remains of the ancient Roman city of Civitas Camunnorum (now Cividate Camuno), to castles, medieval villages, and richly frescoed churches, all the way to traces of the Great War in the Upper Valley.

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Antica Strada Valeriana

The Antica Strada Valeriana is a piedmont road that was the obligatory passage from the city of Brescia to the Camonica Valley for millennia.
The route, which winds along the ancient Roman-medieval road, constitutes an itinerary through nature and history that, starting from the archaeological site of the Capitolium in Brescia, crosses Franciacorta, Lake Iseo and the Camonica Valley to Edolo.
Here, it splits into two branches: one towards Valtellina through the Aprica Pass and the other along the Oglio River to the Tonale Pass.

The route, of moderate difficulty, is approximately 190 kilometers long and divided into 12 stages. It offers hilly, mountainous, and lakeside landscapes, with ups and downs and challenging sections that require experience and physical preparation. It’s a unique experience for those who love history and hiking amid nature.

Pictures Antonio Votino & Andrea Grava

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