6 interesting walks for adults and children

Be at one with nature, all year round. Who said Lake Iseo is only for Summertime?

After a busy week wouldn’t you like to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the bright sunny days?

Off season, when the buzz of summer tourism has died down, the beautiful hills surrounding the lake become enchanting and evocative places, for all nature-loving people.

The winter sun still shines and keeps us nice and warm, the beautiful clear blue skies, the shimmering lake water, and in the backdrop the snowcapped mountains will leave you totally speechless.

Discover all the excursions that Lake Iseo has to offer.

Wander along beautiful paths through meadows and hills. Viewing points where you can relax on giant benches and take in the magnificent sights of Lake Iseo, Monte Isola and the nearby Italian Alps.

Walking itineraries for every level, whether you want a simple route ideal for families or something more demanding for the more experienced trekkers we’ve got you covered.

Below you will find 6 routes for all tastes.




Le Torbiere: a breathtaking Nature Reserve

The Torbiere del Sebino: Deemed a wetland of international importance, made up of stretches of water, reeds and shaded paths, where you can birdwatch and walk in the silence of nature.

Walk fom the Monastery of St. Peter in Lamosa to Provaglio d’Iseo, wooden walkways and bridges suspended over the water lead you in a circular path of four kilometers in an almost fairytale setting.

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The Via Valeriana: a balcony over paradise

Described as one of the most beautiful trails in Italy the ancient Via Valeriana takes its name from the Roman consul Publio Valerio, a road that for 1000’s of years was a passage way from the city of Brescia to the Camonica Valley.

Today it represents an extraordinary balcony over Lake Iseo and Monte Isola. The route, which winds through centuries-old olive groves and chestnut woods, starts from Pilzone d’Iseo and you finishes up  in Pisogne, offering breathtaking views.

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Monte Bronzone: the hat on the lake

Local legends describe it as the “hat” on Lake Iseo.

Not for the faint hearted. Begin your hike in Sarnico, climbing and crossing through woods and along steep narrow pathways until you reach the top, discovering the lake from a new and breathtaking perspective. A sight to behold.

A demanding itinerary (4 hours), but justifiable with the views it offers

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Corna trentapassi: extroardinary sights

Begin this trek in the small village of Cusato in the county of Zone. Crossing through a mule track that leads out of the town and becomes a path in the woods, follow along stony zig-zag track for the last steep stretch where you will reach the summit of Corna Trentapassi.

A walk for experts that grants a long-awaited final prize: the magnificent panorama of the entire Lake Iseo and the Camunian mountains. Well worth the trek to the top.

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San Defendente: a mystical view of the lake

One of the most loved places to visit on Lake Iseo is the small church of San Defendente, which can be reached by an rocky nature trail without much difficulty.

At the halfway point, you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the lake, from Lovere to Monte Isola and the Corna Trentapassi, an imposing and steep mountain that dominates the eastern shore of the lake.

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Franciacorta: a sparkling country-side

Franciacorta: a wine, a method, a territory. It is the land that embraces Lake Iseo surrounding it in beautiful land and hills.

Numerous tours in the vineyards and picnics between the rows offered by the many wineries, of which now there are over 100 to choose from. But the Franciacorta area is also an enchanting place to observe nature, through pleasant walks for the whole family, like the one we offer you.

A short and easy walk suitable for everyone, especially those traveling by train, departing and returning from the Provaglio-Timoline railway station.

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