Lake Iseo: discover the water sport that’s right for you!

Lake Iseo, with its shades of colour ranging from deep blue to emerald green and its gentle, calm waters, offers the ideal environment for practising different types of water sports.

If you are a fan of these activities and are looking for new thrills, play with us!

Take the test and discover your perfect water sport!

Are you a person who is:

A) Adventurous
B) Who likes to challenge yourself
C) Who prefers quiet and relaxing activities

Do you enjoy:

A) Exploring new places
B) Having adrenalin experiences
C) Experiencing familiar places

What do you mainly look for in a water sport?

A) The thrill
B) A challenge
C) Connection with nature

You prefer to play sports

A) With others
B) Alone
C) Both in a group and alone

Now count how many answers you gave for each option (A, B or C) and find out which sporting type you are!

Majority of answers A

If you answered mainly with A, you are a person who is looking for emotions to share and that makes you feel alive. Suitable water sports for you could be canyoning, diving and sailing. Contact CanyoningLabYsei Sub  and Sportaction and get ready to experience thrilling moments with your friends in surprising scenarios such as the Guerna torrent, the Orrido del Bogn or the seabed near the islets of Loreto and San Paolo. Your experience on Lake Iseo will be memorable!

Majority of answers B

If you answered mainly with B, you are a person who finds adrenalin in challenging yourself.
For you, the ideal sports are windsurfing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding. Let yourself be carried away by the wind and the waves, jump and try acrobatic moves in the beautiful fresh waters of Lake Iseo.
Contact Sassabanek, Sebino Kite Surf and Gees Wake School and to quench your thirst for competition!

Majority of answers C

If you answered mainly with C, you are a lover of tranquillity and connection with nature. We absolutely recommend stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, and rowing – alone or in company. At first light or in the warm atmosphere of sunset, without the noise of boats and motorboats, the lake is still and quiet. Ideal conditions for immersing yourself in nature, enveloped in the silent peace of the water, to the slow rhythm of your breathing and rowing. For hire, contact Surface SUP Academy and Canottieri Sebino Lovere.

As you may have guessed, there is a wide choice of water sports on Lake Iseo to suit every passion.

Explore all the options and get ready for unforgettable experiences!

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