Corna Trentapassi

Corna Trentapassi is a marvellous balcony with a sheer drop over Lake Iseo. The western side falls almost sheer to the lake with extremely steep and grassy ridges, whereas the northern side features a crest with steep meadows on the western side that lead to a veritable peak of 1248 metres of altitude. A short equipped path has been set up along the summit ridge offering thrilling panoramas.


Starting location:
The starting point of the itinerary is the small town of Toline, a hamlet of Pisogne. After 50 meters on the left you will see a playground for children with a small parking lot.


Path details (from
– itinerary: 4:45 h
– route height difference: 1020 m
– iron path: 1:00 h
– iron path gap: 100 m
– max altitude: 1248 m
– length: 9.2 km

Evaluation of the itinerary (from
– technical difficulties: 2/5
– environmental difficulties: 2/5
– exposure: 3/5
– physical effort: 3/5


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