Stone Arch cliff

An enormous stone arch that can be seen clearly from the road overlooking the large cliff face. This cliff offers a panoramic view, silence and solitude and is well cared for and maintained in excellent condition by area enthusiasts. With the nearby Ginetto cliff, this is the valley’s most outstanding area with no less than 68 itineraries.

Difficulty: A cliff for all tastes, given the variety and length of its itineraries (from 6a to 7c).

Weather: SW exposure and 770 m.a.s.l. Very hot in the summer, climbing in other seasons is recommended for traction and better climbs.

Access and parking: PR 510 Brescia-Darfo, Colpiano exit, Zone direction. After 2.5 km, turn right toward Croce di Marone and continue on a road that is dirt in stretches and which crosses the Opol Valley, until you reach the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rota. Continue for about 3 km until you pass the stone arch on the left; park on the road to the right. A sign indicates the departure point for the trail which in 10 minutes leads to the base of the rockface.


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