Apicoltura Mauro Guerrini

Beekeeping Mauro Guerrini is conducted with passion for the last 20 years. At the beginning, still a teenager, I was taking care of a couple of hives given to me by my father, a hobbyist beekeeper too. Over the years my interest for this fascinating world increased and led me to increase the number of hives, currently I have about seventy.
The hives I own are placed in the territory of Franciacorta and Sebino, allowing me to produce various types of honey. Honey is the product obtained by bees from the nectar of flowers. Honey can be either mono-floral or poly-floral.
Mono-floral honey is when you can clearly distinguish the origin of nectar and when you have homogenous blooms the same species of vegetation. When it is unclear where the nectar honey is coming from the honey is polyfloral.
Honey may be liquid or crystallized, in both cases there are no nutritional changes that affect the authenticity, but only changes in appearance due to the origin of nectar collected by bees.


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Iniziativa realizzata nell’ambito del bando Wonderfood & Wine di Regione Lombardia e Unioncamere Lombardia per la promozione di Sapore inLOMBARDIA

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