Footpath 1b 717b Nordic Walking


  • Difficulty:
    Easy for families
  • Time:
    Up to 1 hour
  • Duration:
    1 hour
  • Elevation gain:
  • Starting point:
    Chiesa di San Fermo, Colli di San fermo
  • Arrival point:
    Chiesa di San Fermo, Colli di San fermo
  • Trail number:

Take footpath no.1 near the little church of San Fermo that goes gently down to the junction with footpath no. 1b. Follow the signs for 1b along a level path between two stone walls. If you look up to your left, you will see a large group of farm buildings (Cascina Faeto), whilst down the hill you can see Grone mountain with its San Antonio district. You will leave the beautiful hills of San Fermo behind you. At the end of the path, an unsurfaced road opens out: it was created by woodcutters for transporting their wood. The road continues through a beech, ash and wild cherry wood: you are now in the Faeto district. At the end of the unsurfaced road, you carry on along the footpath, passing a dilapidated farmhouse (Casina del Faeto). If you look down the valley, you will see Val Cavallina and the villages of Berzo San Fermo and Grone, and Monte Misma (1160m) in the distance.
Carrying on, you will come to a hunting shelter; from here you can begin to see the farmhouses of the “Fienili di Gaiana”. You have to keep walking until you get to the sign for footpath no.1. A few steps further on, and you will be in the Fagiolo district where your gaze can travel from Monte Bronzone to the wide Padanian plain below and, if the weather is good enough, you will be able to see the Apennines in the distance. If you follow signs for footpath no.1 through the woods, you will get to Colle Forca. The Colli di San Fermo are in front of you, an easy walk away.

Photos and text by:
Gruppo Sentieri Adrara San Martino e A.S.D Nordic Walking Lago d’Iseo – Paratico

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