The historic centre of Vesto di Marone

The village of Vesto (municipality of Marone) is located on the hillside, further south and at a lower altitude than the church of San Pietro di Pregasso. The small town seems to have emerged as a continuation of a stretch of the so-called Via Valeriana: the historic center develops around an artery located in a north-south direction with narrow and short branches on the sides. There are various buildings that retain their rustic appearance with local stone masonry, mostly closed to the courtyard with high masonry; via Remina in its development crosses some houses through vaulted passages.

The church, dedicated to Saints Rocco and Giovanni Nepomuceno and to the Virgin, is slightly offset towards the lake from the original residential area: it was commissioned by the local community which, having obtained the construction permit, began the works in 1743 and finished them in 1749. The the population complained, in fact, the distance from the parish church of Marone and the difficulties in reaching the village, especially during the periods when the torrents were considerably enlarged. The land was donated by the priests G.M. Guerrini and G.B. Guerzoni.

The building offers an imposing facade marked by pilasters on two orders, the interior has a single nave. In the past it had five chaplaincies. In the presbytery there are murals of modest workmanship; on the main altar, with simple shapes, is placed the canvas with the Virgin and Saints Rocco and Giovanni Nepomuceno by Bernardino Bono. The Sacred Heart chapel dates back to 1870.

From 1836, in conjunction with a wave of cholera, the church was the object of visits, as a sanctuary, to invoke protection from the disease; it is likely that it was the original dedication to San Rocco that also attracted the population of Marone to Vesto.

In 1965 they worked on the reconstruction of the facade; the painter Bianchi di Marone intervened for the frescoes. The new floor was laid in 1967; in the same year the church was painted again.


Federico Troletti

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