D.O.P. Laghi Lombardi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lake Iseo is located at a latitude which is theoretically unsuitable for olive cultivation. However, the waters of the lake act as reservoirs: they accumulate heat and humidity during the summer and return them during the winter, creating a particularly mild microclimate which, together with the fertility of the morainic soils, has allowed the development of olive growing since the antiquity (on Lombardy’s lakes, remains of hazelnut trees and fragments of olive leaves dating back to about 2000 BC have been found). Predore, Riva di Solto, Monte Isola and Marone are the first municipalities where olive groves were found; Vello di Marone is historically reported as one of the most olive-growing areas due to its morphological and microclimatic characteristics.

Sebino’s oil has a yellow color with golden reflections; it shows a light-medium fruitiness, where there may be references to fresh almond, cut grass, artichoke and aromatic herbs. In the mouth, slight bitter and spicy sensations are perceived, that make the oil delicate and harmonious. The lightness and delicacy make this oil suitable for several dishes: appetizers, lake fish, meat carpaccio or bresaola, cheeses and vegetables, as a dressing on salads, pasta, soups and even in the preparation of some desserts.

Marone, Monte Isola, Pisogne, Sale Marasino and Sulzano are part of the National Association “Cities of Oil” and the oil produced in the area boasts the D.O.P. Laghi Lombardi mention “Sebino”, for which the producers follow a disciplinary for cultivation and production. There are five types of cultivar: Sbresa (autochthonous olive tree of Sebino), Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Casaliva.


  • Sbresa
    Leathery plant with a fairly expanded and globular crown. The production, high and constant, takes place above all in the Sebino area and in other areas of the Bergamo province. The result is a light and fragrant oil, harmoniously fruity with spicy notes, low acidity (0.2%) and a high content of polyphenols.
  • Frantoio
    The frantoio olive tree is a variety from Tuscany and is among the most cultivated, not only in Italy but also in Europe and internationally. This wide diffusion is due to the particular characteristics of the variety, both from a productive and qualitative point of view. The frantoio olive tree is a medium-sized tree, with a decidedly vigorous development,a large crown, and a very dense main branch with particularly long inflorescences, which include a whole series of large flowers.
  • Leccino
    Leccino is one of the most widespread cultivar on the Italian territory. Its great resistance to major adversities and the ability to adapt to multiple terrains, together with the good quality of the oil, are the characteristics that have determined its great success and appreciation. The trees have an expanded and dense canopy, while the branches have rising tops. The resulting oil is golden yellow with green reflections, of excellent quality and with a fresh, slightly fruity, bitter and spicy flavor.
  • Pendolino
    The name derives from the fact that the plants are characterized by very long, supple and hanging fruiting branches which give the trees a characteristic bearing. Productivity is always high and constant, fruit ripening is early and contemporary. The quantity of oil obtainable is abundant and the quality is excellent.
  • Casaliva
    Tree of good vigor, originally from Lake Garda, with a gentle bearing and good resistance to cold. From its very high yield fruits, a delicate and fragrant oil is produced, with a vaguely fruity aroma with bitter and spicy notes and a good content of poly phenols.

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