“Sass striat” cliff – Terra di Mezzo

Nice structure with yellow and black striping from which it takes its name “Sass Striat”, now Terra di Mezzo.

About 700 metres from the Madonna della Rota, the rockface abounds with notches and holes. The few lines that were tracked in the 1990s were re-bolted and renamed in 2014. An 80-metre rope is recommended if you want to take on the longer pitches.

Difficulty: A cliff for all tastes, given the variety and length of its itineraries (from 6b to 8a+).

Weather: SW exposure and 650 m.a.s.l. Very hot in the summer, climbing in other seasons is recommended for traction and better climbs.

Access and parking: PR 510 Brescia-Darfo, Colpiano exit, Zone direction. After 2.5 km, turn right toward Croce di Marone and continue on a road that is dirt in stretches and which crosses the Opol Valley, until you reach the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rota. After six tight curves from the Sanctuary, park properly on the curve beneath the cliff which is visible. The trail begins on the left; following the clearly marked track, you will reach the base of the rockface in 10 minutes.

Info www.climbingsebino.com

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