Fiumenero of Valbondione

At Fiumenero, park at the playground just outside of town. There, a muletrack starts which, with several curves, passes high on the right side of the stream. When this becomes level, descend along a trail into the wood until you reach the stream bed. Follow it and you will encounter various jumps and a fine water slide that ends in a large basin. You may use a fixed rope there that will allow you to climb back up and make jumps of different heights.

Elevation difference from 900 to 795. Actual length 400 m.
Approach time 20 min., descent time 2 h., exit time 5 min.
Longest abseil 15 m. Diff. V3.a4. III. Beauty 2.5 (scale from 1 to 4)
Geology: gneiss
Time period: from June to September
Maps: compass 104

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