Sarnico – Colli S.Fermo – Lago d’Endine – Valle del Freddo – Sarnico


  • Time: 4/5 hours
  • Duration: Up to 5 hours
  • Distance: 60 km
  • Starting point: Cimitero di Sarnico
  • Additional info: Dislivello in salita 800 m

This car route, which can also be followed by bicycle for the fitter travellers, starts in Sarnico. Taking the provincial road towards Bergamo you drive through Villongo and follow the directions for Adrara; you will reach the old rural structure of Castel Merlo, not far from the Romanesque church dedicated to St. Alexander. Continuing along the provincial road, you first arrive at Adrara San Martino, a rural town of prehistoric origin and important in the Middle Ages as seen by the remains of the castle on the Ducone hill, then Adrara San Rocco, a rural village with a noteworthy 16th century parish. At this point the road climbs towards the panoramic Colli di San Fermo, a highly sought after location for free flight enthusiasts, but also rich in stunning spreads of blooming narcissi and gentian (*). When you arrive at the church of San Fermo, you descend to Grone, where the parish church stands on a panoramic hill overlooking Val Cavallina. Four kilometres of tree-lined roads lead you to Casazza, from where you reach Lake Endine, a small stretch of water which is an angler’s paradise. Taking the right turn you then reach Monasterolo del Castello, a centre with important medieval remains and the SS. Salvatore church, built on the ruins of an ancient monastery. Continuing along one of the most stunning routes, you reach S. Felice al Lago a delightful district of Endine, next to Piangaiano with the Gaiano lake.
You can’t miss a visit to the nearby nature reserve of Valle del Freddo, renowned among scholars for the presence, at an altitude of between 350 and 700 meters above sea level, of a wide variety of plant species, including alpine stars, gentians and rhododendrons, which usually are only found at altitudes above a thousand meters. This is due to a specific microthermal phenomenon which consists in the emission of cold air from some “cold holes” or “mouths” in the ground.
Valle del Freddo is only open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays in May, June and July.
Admission is free of charge. Continuing towards the tourist resorts of Esmate and Solto Collina, you then descend towards the small and well preserved village of Riva di Solto. At this point, you turn right and continue along the road that runs along the lake, until you arrive back in Sarnico.
Recommended option – Following the route along the right crest, take the “Strada del Verde” that passes through Vigolo and Parzanica before reaching Tavernola Bergamasca. It boasts an excellent landscape with breathtaking views of the lake, farmhouses, meadows, woods and rural villages.

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