Tinazzo Gorge Park

The site is currently closed to visitors.


Extending over a surface area of more than 20,000 m2, the Tinazzo gorge park offers visitors a fascinating context of floristic and vegetational interest, due to its intricate morphology and the nature of the rock of which it is composed.

Two enormous pillars of more than 40 metres in height, serve as wings at the entrance of the gorge along which hundreds of millions of cubic metres of sand and rock reached Lake Iseo transported by the impetuous force of the waters of the Borlezza stream.

While of limited size, the park features a rich variety of settings, each of which is home to special fauna. The coppice, dominated by hornbeam and manna-ash trees, is home to the most typical specimens of pre-Alpine fauna, such as roe deer, foxes, beech-martens, badgers, hares, squirrels, dormice and many species of birds. The terraced meadows cultivated with olive trees are the perfect home for butterflies while the dry walls are the habitat of diverse reptiles. The most characteristic part of the park is surely the ravine wood, distinguished by high levels of humidity and shadiness. The fire salamander, an amphibian with its typical yellow and black colours, and crayfish, a greatly endangered species due to pollution in watercourses, flourish in these conditions.


Photos by Legambiente Alto Sebino