Footpath 2 2a 748 748a from Bione to Monte Bronzone


  • Difficulty:
    Medium hiking
  • Time:
    4 hours
  • Duration:
    Up to 4 hours
  • Distance:
    482 m
  • Starting point:
    Località Bione
  • Arrival point:
    Località Bione
  • Trail number:
    748 e 748a
From the Bione area, take footpath no.2 passing behind the group of farm buildings: it splits into footpath 2a shortly after, which takes you on an educational trail in the municipality of Adrara San Rocco and the church of San Faustino in the Morti di Bondo district. Going back to footpath no.2, the walk takes you along a fairly level footpath. You will pass by a dilapidated farmhouse with a red pine plantation and further on you will come across a restored farmhouse: this is the Dròi district. As you carry on, you will cross several little valleys that have been formed by water erosion.
A bit further on, you will come out of the woods and you will be able to admire the meadows and farmhouses of the Colli di San Fermo. When you are on provincial road no.79 (SP79) that connects Val Calepio to Val Cavallina, keep right until the hair-pin bend and follow signs for “Fonte di Zandet” until you reach the unsurfaced road flanked by a hazel hedge that marks the boundary between the plots of land. On the left, you will notice several old farmhouses, some of which have been beautifully restored. Once you have arrived at the spring (Fonte di Zandet), you will be able to stop and drink the cool water.
Carrying on along the footpath you will cross a little valley (take care on the very slippery rock!) and after the hazel wood you will see the connection with footpath no.744 in the village of Adrara San Rocco. You will also see signs for CAI footpath no.701 which will take you onto a road with a variable surface, from where you will be able to admire the valley of Fonteno, the hills of Parzanica and Vigolo, a glimpse of Lake Iseo and Monte Bronzone (1334m). If you continue along the hills, you will get to Colle Dine where the CAI footpath with guide you to the peak of Monte Bronzone.Photos and text by:
Gruppo Sentieri Adrara San Martino e A.S.D Nordic Walking Lago d’Iseo – Paratico

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