Footpath 1a 717a NW From Adrara San Rocco to Colle Forca

You will fi nd the signs for footpath 1a (Madonna dei Carbonai – Colle Forca) in the Fagiolo district. If you walk gently uphill, you will reach the stretch of the footpath known as “scaletta”, which is equipped with metal cords to help you up a brief but difficult steep section. Once you reach the pass, you will notice new signs; the first will take you to the little chapel dedicated to the Madonna of the Charcoal Burners in just a few minutes.
From here you can admire the Padanian plain, and on really clear days you can see as far as Monte Rosa in the west. Going back to the “scaletta” pass and following the other sign, you will start to go back up the ridge amongst rocks and woods to the transmission antennae. Straight after this, you will get to the highest point of Monte Gaiana (1192 m.); you can see the Guerna valley and Monte Bronzone (1334 m.) from here, and Monte Gugliemo (1957 m.) beyond. On the north side of the path, metal cords mark out a large gorge called “Laga”. Going back down into the woods, there are hornbeam, hazel and ash trees on your righ t, as well as some young oak trees, whilst on your left there are majestic beech, cherry and acer trees that grow here as it is a north-facing site and therefore damper.
Once you arrive at the Colle Forca pass, you will cross footpath no.1; you can choose to walk to the Colli di San Fermo or return to the Fagiolo district.

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Gruppo Sentieri Adrara San Martino e A.S.D Nordic Walking Lago d’Iseo – Paratico

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