Footpath 1 From Adrara San Martino to Colli di San Fermo


  • Difficulty:
    Medium hiking
  • Time:
    3 h 40 min
  • Duration:
    Up to 4 hours
  • Elevation gain:
    713 m
  • Starting point:
    Adrara San Martino
  • Arrival point:
    Colli di San Fermo
  • Trail number:
    717 NW

This walk starts from the car park in the Parco Rimembranza and at fi rst follows the main road that goes up to Collepiano. After passing the old statue of a votive saint dedicated to San Rocco on the left and a large building, take the old mule track on the right. Follow this path uphill until you reach the small church dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo in Collepiano. Turn right along the side of the church and past some small wooden houses. At the end of the road you reach another little statue of a saint; from here you take the path through the woods until you reach Colle Croce; you will recognise it by its little church. If you want, you can follow the road down about 100 metres until you reach the renovated hunters’ fountain where you can stop for a rest and a drink. If you wish to carry on, go beyond the church and take the footpath on the right at the start of the woods. Follow indication signs to the “Fienili di Gaiana” (the Gaiana hay barns) and the GEMBA refuge which you will recognize thanks to its flagstaff and flags. It is worth stopping a while here to enjoy the marvelous view down over the Padanian plain. Carry on until the end of the concrete road and follow the signs on your left. You can stop in the Fagiolo district to admire the views of Mount Bronzone and Mount Guglielmo behind. Take the path into the woods again, which slopes gently downhill; after a large beech tree, there is a clearing (known as a “ral” in the Bergamasco dialect) where the charcoal burners used to make their charcoal. Head gently up until you reach “Brutto Passo” (so-named because it was a dangerous point for animals who were brought up to graze in the meadows): you will recognise it easily by the metal cord here. Carrying on, the footpath climbs up through white rocks into a hornbeam (carpinus betulus) and hazel wood. You then reach the Colle Forca pass where you can stop to rest and admire the view towards the Colli di San Fermo. If you follow the yellow signs downhill, past a hunting shelter, there is a path with a dry-stone wall that will take you to the churches of San Fermo and San Rustico.
Photos and text by:
Gruppo Sentieri Adrara San Martino e A.S.D Nordic Walking Lago d’Iseo – Paratico

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