Upper-ring route

From Vittorio Veneto Square take the steep ascent on the right side of the Rino creek. Pass by the Medieval tower then take the road that goes uphill to the right until you get to the aqueduct. Go left (track nr. 709). Continue passing by the Saint Albert shrine and you will get to the Cambline hill’s houses. Then take the TPC track on the right until you get to the Oregia hill where you will fi nd a small puddle. Keep going uphill, then turn right on the track nr. 701.
Walk approximately 1⁄2 hr to get to the Giogo hill. Continue on the ascent and take the track nr. 707 which will lead you to Punta Alta. Then take the track nr. 734 downhill which offers superb views of the Corno vertical wall. Follow the path on the right side until you get to the Saint Gregorio sanctuary. Walk down the stairs and take the steep descent which will lead you back to Predore.

Photos and text by:
Amministrazione Comunale, Gruppo Alpini and Proloco Eventi Predore

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