The aquifers of Creò

    The path is relatively short and mostly shaded as it allows us to walk under the Creò along the antique commercial road of Novale. Our advice to you is to park at Via Palma Il Vecchio, near the sports field as the path begins from the centre of Fonteno.

    The trail

    From the parking lot, we will go back up the main road and walk for about 500 metres along the Provincial road that goes down to Solto Collina.
    After this short walk, on our right just before the cemetery, we will find a narrow concrete road with steps that lead down to Xino, a small inhabited village. Some other 300metres in the same direction and behind the corner and we will find ourselves over a small bridge that passes over the small valley. The narrow concrete road goes towards Novale if we keep it right at the Stali locality. Our advice is to walk some other 300 metres to visit the Xino village before you head out to Novale. It will be worthy of your while. In this village you will find a small church built in the 1600s called San Carlo and some water fountains wrapped in tuff and situated at the Vanina  locality. Following the path to Novale, we will cross a river at the bottom of the valley and here begins our ascent towards Novale estate. We will go around the main construction once arrived and, always keeping it right, our path will open up to nature. We will keep climbing upwards in the coppice woods until we reach the cool springs of Sòrgia that flow under a large boulder. We will proceed straight until we reach a barrier that prevents the passage of motorcycles. From here we will continue again straight until we come across the 568 CAI path. For those who would want to, it is possible with a further climb, to reach the top of Creò. Our itinerary instead turns to the right and downhill where we will reach the bottom of the valley offering us some very scenic photo-
    graphic glimpses.

    Crossing the bridge we will reach the road above the locality of Lof and then  we will return to the town passing by the ancient Fountain of Coren arriving in the Ongaro square, from which it will be very easy to reach the starting point which is the parking lot.


    How to arrive and where to park

    Fonteno can be reached by taking the SS 42 of the Cavallina Valley up to Endine Gaiano where you turn right towards Solto Collina. Just before entering the town, turn right at the crossroads and continue for about 4 km to the main square of Fonteno (Piazza Belvedere).
    Alternatively, for those arriving from Lake Iseo, it is possible to take the coastal road SP 469 to Riva di Solto, from here follow the signs for Solto Collina and then Fonteno.

    Parking in Piazza Belvedere in Fonteno, or at the entrance to the town in Piazza della Pace.


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