Green Route in Franciacorta

Along the entire route there are signs that say “Green route- Franciacorta Brut itinerary”
We leave our car in the Parish Church parking lot of Clusane d’Iseo. We cross the provincial road and take the cycle lane Brescia-Paratico. When we reach Paratico, at the first traffic lights, we turn left into Via Tengattini and, at the next traffic lights, we once again cross the provincial road and reach the town centre and the Parish. We turn left towards Capriolo, following the indications of the Paratico-Palazzolo cycle lane.
Once we reach the centre of Capriolo, we go uphill towards the Castello (which we reach after 500 metres) and at Via Colzano, we turn right, going downhill, and arrive in the centre of Adro. We turn left first in Via Carota and then in Via Santa Maria until we reach the narrow junction with Via Cave, which we enter from our right going along the hilly area. We continue on the dirt road until we find the church of Saint Eufemia and, at the stop sign, we turn left in Via S. Bonomelli and keep going straight ahead until we find the town of Colombaro. After the Parish Church, on our right we can admire the view of the lake, Monte Isola and in the background Monte Guglielmo. At the small roundabout we turn left and with just a few strokes we are back in Clusane.

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