Riva di Solto and Fonteno Big Bench

Fonteno and Riva di Solto “Big Bench” is a green and blue giant bench, blue as the lake and green as the mountains, located in Riva di Solto Dor, a strategic point that offers breathtaking views of Sebino and Corna Trentapassi. The installation, realized within the project “Big Bench Community Project” (BBCP) by the American artist/designer Chris Bangle, has been made possible thanks to the contribution of the associations of the territory (“Amici della Sagra del Pesce” of Riva di Solto, Protezione Civile Fonteno and “Amici di San Carlo” of Xino).

The activities of the BBCP – of an exclusive non-profit nature – include both technical support to those who want to build a new official Big Bench, and collaboration with the excellence of local craftsmanship to create products inspired by them, which can make a small contribution to the local economy and tourism, in the sign of the positive spirit that the Big Benches bring to this area. Part of the proceeds of each sale, will be devolved by the BIG BENCH COMMUNITY PROJECT to the towns involved and will be destined to support the local community.

“We hope to see more Large Benches built to make us feel like children again when we climb on them, and that new visitors will come to this area to enjoy the spectacular view” – Chris Bangle

How to get there:

See KLM and GPS track in the “Download” section of the page. Tracks are provided for free by www.poggiodoro.it

Departure from Fonteno square (30 minutes: easy, for everyone)
The bench can be reached from Fonteno Ongaro Parroci Square. Starting from the square, proceed on Campello street until the town hall, turn right into Via Papa Giovanni XXIII until the entrance to the old way that led to Solto Collina. The route is signed.

Departure from Riva di Solto (1h:30/2h demanding).
Departure from Riva di Solto at the crossroads between Ronchi street and Papa Giovanni XXIII street, near car park number 3. Take path CAI 567 or CM1, called “Zangol” by locals and passes through the Valley of San Rocco. Climbing the mule track you arrive at Zangolo hamlet (332 m) where at the junction (where there’s a votive shrine) you take the left and continue on path 567. After arriving on a cemented road, go down 20 metres and take the new entrance to the path that climbs up to Xino village (m 445).
From the square you have to go straight on, passing by the old water tanks, then on a steep road you end up on the main road that leads to the Fonteno square (615 m) 500 meters away. From here you continue with the walk indicated above. It is also possible to download the GPS track that can also be found on google earth (klm).

The Big Benches Passport

You can collect the stamp of each bench on your BBCP passport; each stamp bears the logo of the Giant Benches and the name of the village in which they are located.

Where to purchase it? At the Hotel Restaurant Poggio d’oro in Riva di Solto, along the road that from Solto Collina leads to Fonteno.

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