1° stretch: Pilzone – Tassano

Pilzone d’Iseo is situated between Montecolo and the cleft over which a careful eye can perceive the top of the St F ermo’s bell tower (far from our route). This village is the starting point of the Ancient Valeriana Road. Square Basalo Cittadini is near the Parish Church consecrated to St Paul and Peter Our journey through time and the unique beauties of Sebino Bresciano can start just from here. Climbing on the left one can take via Volontari del Sangue from where you can enjoy an enchanting panorama over Montecolo and the lower Sebino. After about ten minutes you will cross a modest stream called Vaglio that rises from under Punta dell’Orto. It starts a level stretch of road cemented and equipped for disabled people. Lining the road you will find chestnuts and hazels framing the view of the Bergamo Prealps and of Montisola, the largest European lake island which will follow you along most of the route. After getting over a red houseyouwill go through a little wood in which one can find specimens of european hophornbeam (taera in the local dialect but Ostrya carpinifolia is its scientific name) and downy oak (Quercus pubescens). Here you will find a comfortable area equipped with benches, tables (and with a parking for disabled people) where to halt for a while. In autumn it is possible to recognize beside the carriageway the red berries of the butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus) a frugai species common in the Brescian Prealps. A little further on, the road enters a hairpin of the carriageway that joins Sulzano to Gazzane and Tassano (h. 0,30). Climb it walking through Gazzane’s houses, most of which have been recently built, while others are old rural buildings made of the variegated stones carried there during the glaciations and thanks to which today it is possible to decode the complex geological history of the entire Valcamonica. You will keep on walking along the asphalted road up to Tassano, reaching soon the Church of St Fermo, the farmers’ patron this reason a lot of churches are dedicated to him). This church deserves a visit as from there the view of Monte Isola and Corna Trentapassi is breath catching. Once gone beyond the Vaiorzo Valley rich in olive trees (Olea europea) you will arrive at Tassano. It is possible to enter the village by turning into the track that comes from your leftjust before the village and takes you to the church of St Faustino and Giovita, the patrons ofBrescia (h. 1,10).

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